Who Is The Strongest Pm Candidate For 2024 – Narendra Modi,Rahul Gandhi…

Who Is The Strongest Pm Candidate For 2024-This Year In Favor Of Narendra Modi

Who Is The Strongest Pm Candidate For 2024-This Year In Favor Of Narendra Modi

Now when there is a lot of discussion about the PM of India, who can be the best candidate for the PM can be on everyone’s mind. At the same time, the issue of who can be PM of India in 2024 is also very important.

The then Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has been serving his term twice.Narendra Modi is being discussed a lot not only in India but also abroad.

Narendra Modi

1 Demonstrated Leadership

The fact that Narendra Modi has been the Prime Minister of India since 2014 is a testament to his demonstrated leadership, making him the strongest choice for Prime Minister.

His bold steps, economic reforms, and foreign policy efforts have improved the country’s reputation internationally and advanced its development. The fact that 64% of the population supports Modi highlights how much people believe he can rule the nation.

2. Electoral Popularity And Success

Modi’s ability is further demonstrated by his enduring popularity, which is reflected in his victories in local and national elections. His recurring electoral success can be attributed to his ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of demographic groups and his skills in connecting with them.

The Time Now survey’s 64% support indicates strong support, establishing Narendra Modi as a strong contender who can successfully negotiate a challenging political environment and retain public trust.

Rahul Gandhi

Development And Political Presence: Rahul Gandhi’s political prominence and changing position within the Indian National Congress indicate his potential as the party’s strongest prime ministerial contender. He has assumed many roles over the years, serving his constituency and adding to party policy.

A Time Now poll reported 13% public support, however, suggesting it will be difficult to achieve the same degree of national consensus as previous presidents.Gandhi’s prospects may depend on his ability to strengthen his position, address policy issues, and develop broad appeal beyond party lines.

Vision And Leadership Style: While assessing the capabilities of Rahul Gandhi, both his vision for the country and his leadership style should be kept in mind. Despite his support for inclusive policies and social welfare, the 13% support indicates that voters need to resonate more with him.

To enhance his capacity, he needs to better communicate his ideas, take the lead on national issues and launch targeted campaigns to win more people to his cause.Taking care of these things and presenting a great leadership story are the keys to being the best PM candidate.

Arvind Kejriwal

As the leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has become a well-known political figure in India. His focus on public service, healthcare and education as well as his approach to government in Delhi have drawn attention.

His ardent followers frequently emphasize his dedication to anti-corruption campaigns and community-based efforts.However, larger political factors, coalitions, and the national electorate’s assessment of his leadership qualities affect his chances as a prime ministerial contender.

Critics may question Kejriwal’s ability to handle the challenges of national government after leading the state. His conflicts with other political groups and individuals may also influence his campaign.

As India’s national elections approach, the assessment of Arvind Kejriwal’s chances as a PM candidate will ultimately depend on the changing political environment and public opinion. According to Times Now, Arvind Kejriwal Pm Candidate For 2024 has 12% of the public vote in his favor.

Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar, a seasoned politician and Chief Minister of Bihar, is regarded as a strong leader with extensive administrative experience. Known for his emphasis on good governance and development, Kumar has undertaken several projects to enhance infrastructure, healthcare and education in Bihar.

His experience in managing a large state and forming effective coalitions shows his administrative ability. However, his chances of winning the prime ministership depend on more general national factors, government coalitions and public opinion.

Nitish Kumar’s political allegiances and shifts may be closely scrutinized by critics, who may cast doubt on his ideological integrity. Another thing to think about is how popular regional leaders like Kumar are across the country.

His ability to build coalitions, negotiate a contentious national political environment and appeal to people in different states could be key criteria used to assess his candidacy.Acording Times now has 6% public opinion in his favor for PM Candidate For 2024.


Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR), is a well-known regional personality who prioritizes the welfare of his state. His approach to governance included attempts to solve territorial problems, social programs, and irrigation measures.

Despite successfully guiding the creation of Telangana as a separate state, KCR’s prospects as a prime ministerial contender depend on greater national mobilization, coalition building, and his popularity outside the region.

Some may argue that KCR does not get enough national attention and needs a leader with a long history of success on the national front. KCR’s candidacy as the chief of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), a regional party, will depend on his ability to build alliances, handle national politics and connect with a wide range of Indian voters.

The assessment of KCR’s suitability to serve as PM will be based on the changed political environment and his ability to win over voters outside Telangana. According to Times Now, 5% public opinion is in favor of KCR for Pm Candidate For 2024.


With a massive 64% vote, the Time Now survey of popular opinion indicates a clear preference for Narendra Modi as the best choice for Prime Minister in 2024. This significant advantage over other famous politicians like Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal. , Nitish Kumar, and KCR, highlighting Modi’s continued appeal to a large segment of the electorate.

While public opinion may be shifting, these results indicate that Modi’s image remains strong in the public mind.Which indicates that it may be difficult for his rivals to close this lead in the upcoming elections.

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