What Do You Know About SRK Upcoming Project Dunki

What Do You Know About SRK Upcoming Project Dunki

What Do You Know About SRK Upcoming Project Dunki-King,SRK vs Thalapathy..

Today we are going to know about Shah Rukh Khan,s upcoming project after Dunki. After Pathan, Jawan, Dunki, these new projects are coming. Which we are going to discuss below. In the year 2023, SRK reigned alone in Bollywood by getting the love of many viewers. His fan following has increased in 2023. Now let’s discuss about his upcoming projects after Dunki.

#1 King

The first film director after Dunki It will be with Sujay Ghosh. He has done few films like kahaani, janejaawo. Similarly, he also did the screen play of Bang Bang movie with Hrithik Roshan. That means Sujay Ghosh is a capable director.Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film will be all action films. Shah Rukh Khan can also cast his daughter Suhana Khan in the upcoming film.

The film with Sujay Ghosh will be released at the end of 2024. Its budget is also going to be expensive. It is estimated that the film with Ghosh will cost more than 200 crores.

#2 SRK vs Thalapathy

Soon after the project with Sujay Ghosh is completed, he will work with the director of his jawan film Yatali Kumar. But this film will not be jawan 2. This film will be a multi-starrer. Jasma will also feature Tamil film superstar Thalapathy. Director Atli Kumar has already said that “My upcoming film will be with Shah Rukh Khan and Thalapthy”.

The budget of this film will prove to be very expensive. Because superstars have to be paid more than 300 crores alone. Therefore, the total budget of this film will be more than 600 crores. And this film will be produced by Red Chilli Productions. Atali Kumar has said that this film of his will not only make 1000 crores and the box office collection will be more than 3000 crores. This film will be released in 2026.

#3 Tiger Vs Pathan

Tiger vs Pathan

After completing the project with Atli Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan is going to work with Pathan’s director Siddharth Anand, whose name is Tiger vs Pathan. The shooting of this film was supposed to start in 2024, but after Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 didn’t work out, yra productions made this new The script was prepared. Now Salman and Khan will start the shooting of this film with Siddharth Anand in 2025. It is estimated that the release of this film will be in 2026/2027. This film will also have a budget of more than 400 crores.

4 Jawan 2

Jawan 2

After Shah Rukh Khan completes the film with Salman Khan, he is going with the director of Jawan, Siddharth Anand. The film will be Jawan 2. The sequel of Jawan will be made by Atli Kumar Confam. In that sequel, Azad Vikram Rathore and Sanjay Dutt will have a new mission. Khan’s Jawan 2 is slated to release in 2028.

#5 Pathan 2

It is certain that Shah Rukh Khans Pathan 2 movie will come. He will work on Pathan 2 after completing the project of Jawan 2. Pathan 2 will take a long time to come. . Siddharth Anand may shoot with Khan in 2028. He is thinking of releasing Pathan 2 after 2029.

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