How Many Days Did SRK Dunki Reach The Crore Club

How Many Days Did SRK Dunki Reach The Crore Club

How Many Days Did SRK Dunki Reach The Crore Club-Dunki’s 13 Days Earnings. – Hit 3 Movies Of Badshah Shah Rukh Khan Of Bollywood

Bollywood’s Badshah Shah Rukh Khan has ruled the box office in the year 2023. King Khan’s three films released in 2023 have ruled the box office tremendously. While Pathan and Jawan did bumper earnings, his latest release Dunki is also getting good response from the audience. The film has ruled the domestic box office well in the 13 days of its release.

Dunki’s 13 Days Earnings

“Dunki” Creadit By Google

When it comes to earning, This film started with 29 crores and earned 160 crores in 1 week of its release. Likewise, in the second week’s earnings, this film fluctuates. But it crossed the 200 crore mark in 13 days of its release and made its place in the 200 crore club. Now the 13 days earnings of this film are being calculated. According to a report by TradeNeil, Dunki has earned Rs 400 crore in 13 days of release.Along with this, Dunki’s total collection has reached 200 crores. Likewise, dunki has set another new record by collecting 400 crores worldwide.

Salaar’s 12-Day Worldwide Earnings

Similarly, another film Salaar, and dunki have been released a day apart. This film has earned 360 crores in 11 days. In 12 days this film has collected 750 crores in its account from all over the world. Now the total collection of this film is 370 crores.

Year 2023 In The Name Of Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood hero Shah Rukh Khan made his name in 2023. First came Pathan, which earned more than 1000 crores at the box office. After that, Jawan was released. Jawan also left Pathan behind. Which earned more than 1100 crores at the box office. Similarly, dunki, which was recently released on December 21, 2023, is even more popular.

Dunki Is The First Film To Play In Expensive Theaters In Europe.

If the reports are to be believed then recently Shah Rukh Khan Dunki was seen at Europe’s biggest theater Le Grand Racus. When dunki premiered, there was a crowd of people. The video that went viral on social media seemed to be more fans of Khan. Until now, no Bollywood movie had been seen in this theater in Europe. Dunki became such a film that became a premium at Le Grand Rax in Europe. Dunki is about to reach 300 crores in 7 days of its release.

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