What Is The Number 1 Vlogger In India

What Is The Number 1 Vlogger In India Credit By Google

What Is The Number One Vlogger In India-Sourav Joshi Monthly Income In YouTube

#1Sourav Joshi

Hello viewers, here you will find information about India’s number one vlogger. He is India’s number 1 vlogger Saurabh Joshi. He was number one in 2022 and managed to remain number one in 2023. He is an Indian living in Haryana. Talking about his channel subscribers are 24.1 million till now. A total of 1559 videos have been posted so far. Talking about his earnings, he earns between $71.2k to $1.1M per month. Likewise, annual income ranges from $854k to $13.7M.

#2 Sourav Joshi monthly income In YouTube

Saurav Joshi earns $71.2k to $1.1M per month. If we talk about the views of his channel in a month, it has reached 284.66 million in the last 30 days. According to the statistics of the last 30 years, his channel has increased by 5 lakh subscribers.

#3 Sourav Joshi’s earnings per day

Saurauv Joshi’s earnings per day till date are from $2.4k to $37.7k. According to the statistics of 2024/01/08, he had more than 100k subscribers in one day and video views 94.36K had also increased.

#4 Saurabh Joshi income source

*Youtube Channel

Saurabh Joshi has 3 youtube channels. He has uploaded exciting videos on youtube for kids to adults and he mostly makes videos focusing on kids. From which millions of views come. And he seems to be earning crores in a month.

*Brand Sponsorship

Saurabh Joshi earns crores per month without a brand. Usually if you talk to us, we spend for video promotion, but he doesn’t need it. Although he has not worked with any brand on YouTube, he said that work is being done on Instagram.

*Outsourcing Content

Sourav Joshi has recently signed a contract with a music label Voila Digi. The contract is quite normal. He has to work on misic videos with voila digi. Sourav Joshi has made 7/8 videos with volia digi. All his videos are almust trending. He has also earned millions from there.

#5 Saurav Joshi Video for Kit

Credit By Google

Sourav Joshi mostly makes videos for kids. So every kid in India knows him. He started his youtube journey on February 19, 2019. Now he has become India’s number one youtube vlogger.

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